To expel "PdeCat" from the political liberal group ALDE at the European Parliament

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Addressed to Mr Guy Verhofstadt, President of the “ALLIANCE OF LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS FOR EUROPE” at the European Parliament.


The “Partido democrático europeo de Catalunya” (PdeCat) has nothing to do today with its predecessor “Convergencia Democrática de Catalunya”, an ALDE member who pursued, and attained, through democratic means, the highest levels of self-government that can be witnessed in the EU for any Región.

We believe that political matters must be approached peacefully and democratically, and most importantly, always within the Law and the Constitutional framework of every Member State. The EU is not a State but a Community of law. 

We are a group of European citizens outraged for the events occurred during last weeks in Spain (Catalonia).

This is why we want to invite the ALDE group to review PdeCat’s membership and, as the Catalan government led by this party made an illegal unilateral Declaration of Independence, to decide its expulsion with immediate effect.

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