Help stop reduction of speed limit Ackland Hill Road Adelaide Hills

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Reduction of speed limits has been well proven internationally NOT to reduce road accidents. Currently, on the western section of Ironbank Roads and the length of Ackland Hill Road, Ironbank, Cherry Gardens and Coromandel East, the speed limit is 80km/hour. It is a great speed for an easy to navigate wide road.  It is also a great route to get from the freeway at Stirling to the south and to the beach. As a transit route, reducing the speed will increase the time it takes to get to destinations. The section of road is 10 kilometres long. Eight accidents in 5 years is not a good enough statistic to want to reduce the speed yet this is the reason the Dept of Transport Roads and Infrastructure say they are going to do it. What were the circumstances of those accidents, sleep deprivation, excessive speed, drugs, crazy people driving like crazy?  Do we always have to attack the speed limits or could it be other issues like road surface or driver in-attention that could be to blame?  Around a thousand vehicles travel on this road every day. Eight accidents in five years is actually pretty low for the traffic on this road and the speed limitPlease support this petition to STOP the reduction of the speed limit on these roads. (I have however, recommended that the speed limit be reduced to at least 60km/hr at the intersection and along the road where the Blackwood recreation oval is for safety sake). If we are not successful and the reduction takes place it will impact every vehicle that travels on this road and increase the time it gets to anywhere using this road. It is already difficult to overtake the people on this road that insist on driving at 60 km/hr the length of the road including through 50 km/hr zones. At least when we do get to overtake, we can try to catch up on our travel time from driving 20 under the speed limit behind these people.  Please help now as time is running out to intervene.