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The Greater Earth

Richard Maxheim

Jan 29, 2019 — 

Recently I read the novel "2061 Odyssey III" by Arthur C. Clarke. It came to my mind that in many science fiction stories the political unification of mankind is portrayed as obligatory. In his novel "The Last Generation" Clarke had aliens force people to realize world peace and to elect a world government.

As in most actions of these genres, esoteric dreams prevailed. Today there are quite a few horror fantasies circulating, which already see mankind surrounded by aliens, who want to bring the planet earth under their total control by means of a "New World Order". UFO believers propagate a "Galactic Federation of Light". For storytellers it is a lucrative business.

But especially in science fiction there are interesting thought games for future ideas, far away from any irrationality, as long as irrevocable laws of nature are not neglected. In his 1968 work "A new era is dawning - electronics and space travel are changing the world", Arthur C. Clarke - less as a science fiction author, more as a physicist - developed visions for the future of mankind. It could be a great future.

From "Big History" to "Big Future“

Just as a "Big History" could lay the foundation for the later political unification of our world, the idea of a "Big Future" as a motor for a better world would also be necessary. It would not only be a matter of preserving our planet's suitability for life by protecting the biosphere. It would also be about changing the earth so that this protection becomes feasible and effective without us humans having to go back to the Stone Age.

But how do you change a planet like Earth? Changes take place all the time anyway, currently in a negative sense, e.g. due to climate change. Even natural events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions lead to serious changes, not to mention the dangers of external impacts. The solution is to enlarge the planet. This may sound strange at first, but it is the result of an intriguing logic. Near-Earth space must be included in what we call Earth.

"Big Future" by a "Greater Earth

The so-called conquest of space is usually understood to mean that people travel to distant planets to colonize them. There is nothing against exploring our solar system and beyond, but there are more realistic goals for the practical use of space. The artist Arthur Woods, who lives in Switzerland, shows us a new perspective of our planet with his concept of a "Greater Earth".

Just imagine the possibilities that would result from it. Most of the human activities that burden the Earth's ecosystem could be outsourced. There are more than enough raw materials in near-earth space and the sun provides inexhaustible energy. Weight plays virtually no role in the weightlessness of space. Huge factories could be built and space settlements of gigantic dimensions, in which humans could live permanently under earth-like conditions. At this opportunity, protecting the earth from asteroid impacts would be routine and would bring additional sources of raw materials. Expeditions into further space would have solid bases at their disposal.

Of course, all this sounds very utopian, but the use of near-earth space is already normal. Without the satellites in orbit, many things would not be possible - especially in global communication - which is already a technical standard today. But there is also a great danger here: the resulting space debris could imprison us on this planet. The Kessler effect would make further use, as well as space missions, practically impossible for an unforeseeable period of time. Yes, the entire technical infrastructure would break down over time. There is an urgent need for action here.

Transport to Earth's orbit would also have to be designed fundamentally differently. Rockets can no longer do that. Future space travel needs elevators into orbit. Not a few, but many, distributed around the equator. These are all gigantic projects that require an unprecedented degree of multilateral cooperation and would also be cheaper than any war.

Again much utopia, one proceeds from the irrationality of the masses and the small-mindedness of most of their political leaders. But the further development of reason does not stand still. The Big History goes on and hopefully will get its continuation in a Big Future. The course must be set for this today. That is why, as Mondialists, we are committed to the political unification of humanity in a Democratic World Federation by the end of this century at the latest and call on all people to also strive for this goal within their means.

For a Better World – for a Greater Earth. For the democratic World Union of Mankind.

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