Become Citizens of the United Nations!

Become Citizens of the United Nations!

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Richard Maxheim started this petition to everybody which want to a better world and exert itself for it.

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Since my youth I have been dealing with global problems, international politics and questions of the future. Early on I became interested in the plan of political unification of humanity in a democratic world federation. I read books by well-known proponents, got involved with world federalists and published a magazine for world citizens. The reservation of utopia was always certain to me, but every look at a NASA photo of our planet Earth strengthened the certainty in me that I was committed to the right thing.

The world is full of problems. This has always been the case. Therefore, many dream of a better future. You do what for your dream. You turn against injustice, suppression, racism, nationalism, sexism, animal cruelty and violence. You help person who flee before dictatorship, hunger and war. You kick for justice, freedom, democracy, disarmament, the world peace, humanism and the protection of the earth as our all life basis one. You want another better world. There are already countless initiatives which move in the right direction.

However, there is the constant danger that the results of these efforts are ruined again. International contracts are not often worth the ink with which they were signed. For the lasting protection we need an obliging, enforcable world right, instead of non-binding, often more opaquely of transnational arrangements. To create such a world right, the job can be impossibly less rulers or so-called Worldwide player. It is a human project. Therefore, my call to everybody which want a better world: Agrees please to this declaration!


  • to prevent the third world war, to abolish forcible conflict holdings between the nations and to substitute with world right and world-judicial negotiations,
  • to confirm our conviction for the protection of the human rights, for freedom, equality, justice and humanism,
  • to create conditions under which justice and the esteem can be protected before the obligations from right and law,
  • to promote worldwide the social progress and a better standard of living in bigger freedom and solidarity for all people,


  • to practice understanding, tolerance and mutual respect and to live as good neighbours in prosperous cooperation with each other,
  • to unite our forces to guarantee the world peace and the international security by a generally valid and enforcable world right,
  • to create democratic world institutions they make sure that force of arms is applied only in the harmony with democratically sedate world right is allowed,
  • to create a global, united social system to promote the economic and social progress of all people,
  • transform the member states of the UN into actual united nations in the sense of a federal World Union by the end of this century at the latest,


The declaration text is leant against the preamble of the UN charter. While today in UN only the governments of the member states are represented, the future United Nations should become a political community of the whole humanity.

This is that at what we aim as a Mondialists in the long term. The challenges will be immense. The climate changes, overpopulation, raw material and food shortage, warlike conflict which can always lead to a world fire with weapons of mass destruction this are only some problems which throw her shades ahead and are quite perceptible today. A utopia would be to be believed, the nation states would manage with it alone. Therefore, the global political union is a survival question and should be reached with reason at the latest end of this century.

Mondialism is the sum of all peaceful aspirations for the political unification of humanity in a democratic and federal world union. Mondialist is anyone who advocates it and supports it to the best of his ability. The Mondialists are not an organisation or a party. This call is an offer for informal networking of people who see themselves as Mondialists. Mondialists are Citizens of the United Nations.

Richard Maxheim

For the World Union of Mankind


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!