We want a supply of low cost, reliable electricity 24/7 for every Australian and business.

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To every Federal and State politician in Australia. We the average Australian, particularly low paid workers, small businessmen, pensioners, self funded retirees and first home buyers have had a gutfull of subsidizing inefficient and unreliable renewable energy schemes, which have driven our electricity costs and supply to be the most costly and unreliable in the world.

 In particular when we know the fact that the fuel (the Sun) that drives solar panels and solar farms is NOT IN ABUNDANT SUPPLY but is permanently limited in June and July to a low number of hours per day, completely restricting solar energy as being a base load power. For example on the 27th June 2018, sunrise in Sydney was 7.01am and sunset was 4.55pm. Giving a possible maximum of ten hours of fuel to produce electricity, leaving 14 hours of the day completely without any electricity from a solar source. To compound the problem on cloudy and rainy days (which we have had very often this winter) the electricity production from solar sources has dropped to 25% or zero.

 Likewise the supply of electricity generated by wind turbines is equally restricted. A calm, frosty night, or a hot, windless summer’s day (so well known by farmers in drought times) can suddenly reduce electricity generation by wind farms to next to nothing. You certainly wouldn’t buy a wind powered car, it might lose power or stop at any time. Once commercial sailing ships, were all there was, but now there are none because the wind is so unreliable, why should we think the generation of electricity from wind would be any more reliable?

With both these renewable energy systems, requiring the double cost of either batteries or gas or coal fired back up generators, always running, this makes solar and wind power completely uneconomic.

We will support any political party that is prepared to stand up for us and use their political power to enable existing coal fired power stations to continue to operate for as long as possible and will facilitate the building of the cleaner coal fired power stations who can use some of the $63 billion of coal that Australia exports to provide Australian people and business’ with a supply of low cost, reliable 24/7 electricity, so that we can live comfortably, have a vibrant society and business and manufacturing industries can create the full time jobs that are so badly needed.

At the same time we believe that Australian co2 (carbon dioxide) reduction targets can be met by absorbing co2 in large reforestation projects, widespread use of pasture cropping in cropping areas and a revisiting of the Darling Basin project this time putting more emphasis on using both irrigation and environmental water, to increase stream flows, at the same time production from irrigation across the Darling Basin, which would increase the viability and population of the Darling Basin communities. We believe that if these projects are done in a visionary way, it will store co2, lower the daytime temperatures of the areas, (increasing rainfall) and increase the ability of Australia to feed itself and generate important export income.



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