Temporarily waive all contactless card payment fees

Temporarily waive all contactless card payment fees

17 March 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Iain Turville

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak all small businesses are urged to discourage cash payments and pay with contactless payment methods to help reduce the spread of the virus. I feel its unfair that people have to pay extra just to pay with their card, phone, watch, ring etc.

I just cant ask businesses to absorb this fee. We are all doing it tough especially small local businesses and many are on the verge of closing which means jobs will have to go and less spending triggering a ripple effect affecting more and more businesses. Peoples livelihoods. How are families going to afford to put food on the table, pay for essential costs like school supplies or activities for the kids

Meanwhile all the big corporations are ripping off all our our local economies and causing unnecessary stress and putting more people into poverty

All I ask is for all banks and financial institutions to waive all fees on all contactless payments as it will help prevent the spread of the virus so this crisis is contained sooner and ease the pressure for everyone doing it tough. 1 percent can have a huge effect over time. Please waive this fee for the remainder of 2020 Even better if they were scrapped altogether just like the fees to use the ATM. Every bank in Australia. Every bank in the world. It will ease the pressure of the economy. These fees are a drop in the ocean. Banks make so much more from lending interest and credit cards.

If I can successfully get the banks to help out it will mean a lot to me as I have done something to help millions of people in some way over time but I cant do it without your help. I want this petition known by lots of people. I am asking for your help to make this spread just like the COVID-19 does. Social media, bring it up on conversation, nag media outlets like print, television and online to spread it far and wide so its in the minds of lots and lots of people around the world and the banks will eventually have to give in and help out. Ask your local, state and federal politicians to help out as well like your mayor, members for state and federal parliaments to write to the appropriate departments, premier and the prime minister

My goal is to get at least 1 million signatures and get all Australian banks to waive all contactless fees for the remainder of the COVID-19 crisis or forever. I want Change.org to help spread this as well. If you can afford to chip in so we can end the banks ripping us off


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Signatures: 10Next goal: 25
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Decision makers

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
  • National Australia Bank Limited
  • Westpac Banking Corporation
  • Australian Prudential Regulation Authority