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To establish the use of drugs, licit or otherwise, as a "Religious Right" under law.

We petition the Congress and the President of the United States of America to take action to reestablish, unequivocally, the rights of individuals to worship in accordance to the tenets of their religions and the  laws of their gods without the fear of secular interference.  Freedom of religion is enshrined in our constitution yet the witch or shaman who uses marijuana, peyote or any other substance prescribed to him or her by the Deities risks being jailed and censured.  This is not freedom of religion.  We petition for clarification, in the form of a law which will reassert constitutional preeminence over administrative policy, we wish for passage of a law that will deny the State the ability to bar or prohibit the members of any religion or belief system from exercising their right to the use of those substances or drugs mandated to them by their deities or beliefs.

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