Atrocities towards voiceless

Atrocities towards voiceless

1 July 2021
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To eradicate cruelty against animals
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Cold blooded cruelty against voiceless again in God's own country. Adimalathura, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 

A pet Labrador owned by Mr. Kristuraj, was beaten to death at Adimalathura,Thiruvananthapuram district. The poor voiceless was beaten to death and was hung on the hook of a bait.Video gone viral. 

Bruno the 8 year old pet used play at the seashore everyday. As the mute just rushed to the seashore as always on the same day he got assassinated.

As we all know the Labrador pups always shows such an angelic mannerisms towards everybody. Bruno was so playful and loving kid towards all localities out there.

These evil people just beaten this mute to death without any provocation done by his pet dog Bruno. He was just having a nap under a catamaran at the beach when he got tired. After beating him to death the culprits hanged him on the hook of a bait. Which was truly insane..

The owner lodged a complaint against yhe accused at the Vizhinjam police station. Although the accused were called to the station but they did not appear with the help of political influence. Such evildoers should never get any sort of legal protection at any cost. 

This atrocity against a poor voiceless goes against both the morality and the conscience of humanity.

We request you to kindly take a strict action against the culprits behind this iniquity at the earliest. And please make some solutions not to repeat such iniquities towards any voiceless.

Thank you


Nisha Vincent 

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Signatures: 1,380Next Goal: 1,500
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