To ensure we make a success out of Brexit, legalise It

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The UK is set to leave the European Union in March 2019. We will not comment on whether this is a good decision. Debates amongst Leavers and Remainers have gone on for long enough in the UK and the June 2015 referendum, as well as events since then, further split the country. 

We also cannot, and will not, try to predict what will happen in March 2019. Instead, we propose a solution for the UK to guarantee its prosperity, no matter what the outcome of Brexit - legalise cannabis. 

Nobody is reinventing the wheel here, this method has been tried and tested. Take Colorado (where cannabis has been legal since November 2012) as an example: Colorado collected $109 million in cannabis taxes in 2016 ( This money is being put to good use by the state. For example, Colorado was able to put $16 million towards Affordable Housing Grants and Loans in 2016 from cannabis tax collections ( 

Extrapolating this to the UK, which has a population of 65.5 million (vs. Colorado's 5.5 million), would mean the country could have collected $1.3 billion in cannabis tax collections last year. That's not quite the £350 million a week promised to us for leaving the EU, but our number is not a lie, it is a conservative estimate ! 

Some food for thought - In 2016, at least 1.2 million people used cannabis in the UK ( Do you want to make their dealers (and their usually violent gangs) richer ? We think we should instead tax cannabis use (which will also make it safer for everyone), and use that money to create an industry (jobs) and fund other departments that are in dire need such as our NHS.

Take back control, LegaliseIt. 

Thank you for reading. We represent the money, not the taboo

Further note: A total of £12 billion was collected from tobacco taxes in 2015-16 ( If the government lets us consume the n1 killer, and taxes it, there is no rational reason for cannabis to not be treated similarly.  

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