No colleges to start before the covid 19 pandemic flattens with minimum cases

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We all are affected mentally,  psychologically and physically by the COVID 19 pandemic. All whether children, adults or elderly have their own problems in dealing with the current situation where fear grips everyone not of only they getting affected but their entire family. It's too tough to keep patience and remain calm in this scenario but this is the only situation. 

Children are scared of how they would attended school and they aren't ready to accept the " New Normal" and college going adolescents are anxious about their future as how they will cope up with the studies and how they would be promoted. 

I strongly believe and want all of you to understand that health and life are a priority now. To keep our children small or college going both safe its important that they shouldn't be exposed to the virus if it's not a necessity. The current period is going to see a spike in cases and in this situation opening of colleges isn't recommended or sensible as it will unnecessarily expose the students to an unwarranted risk when we can avoid it for a time period till cases fade or are minimum.

Studies can be managed by online teaching and an liberal attitude in this situation is justified on humanitarian grounds. 

So if life is precious and other things can wait then it's worth it that opening of colleges be opposed. All should stand against it as we love our children.