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Reduce Standard 8-hour Class Per Day by 2 hours

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In the Philippines, the schools are following 8-hour of standard class hours which is for us, students in senior high school, is a burdensome. We wake up by 5 AM and get ready for school, spend our 10 hours in school, and by the time we get home, there are still some things that are needed to be done. In short, we don't get to rest enough because frankly, school works doesn't only seat upon class hours but it eats up our free time, too.

Lack of sleep may drive someone into high risk of having high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, anemia, Alzheimer's disease and such. If you're a sleep deprived person your ability to memorize new information drops significantly. This was shown in one study to be due to an impairment in the hippocampus caused by sleep deprivation. So how can one focus so much in school and try to soak up different lessons when their brain does not cooperate due to sleepless nights? Not only students like us are sleep deprived but we're also stressed due to loads of school works needed to finish on time and most especially, trying to manage our time for these. We all know what stress can do to our body, it affects our thoughts, feelings, and even our behavior and it can also contribute to many health problems. Not that school is the only source of our stress, but most likely it is since we spend almost all of our time in it. 

That's why we submitted or made this petition because we want senior high school students to have enough time to rest, to at least spend some hours with their family, and also have an alone time to loosen up.



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