To create training programs for boys about "gender roles" in every schools in Odisha

To create training programs for boys about "gender roles" in every schools in Odisha

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Shri Samir ranjan (Department of School and Mass Education)

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The ministry of school and mass education.

Respected sir,

I'm Sushree Sangita Mohanty resident of Chatarachakada, Kendrapara. I pursuing my post graduation in ( M.A.)in social work from NISWSS, Bhubaneswar.

I had past my 1st standard to 7th standard from Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir And 8th standard to 10th standard from Chhatabata girl's High school. When I was studying in Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir, we were all taught how to sit, how to walk & how to talk with others. All this was taught to both boys and girls . But even after all this, the work of boys and girls was separated. As in classrooms, the job of boys is to clean the blackboard and the job of girls is to sweep the classrooms and in the garden of our school the boys' job was to plant trees and the girls' job was to pour water into those trees.

Then, when I was in girls' high school in class 8, I did not feel any difference between girls and boys. Because there was no boy , but all of us girls could do all work.From planting trees to pouring water, from serving in a feast to getting up a liar, So Why is it separated between boys and girls when girls can do all the work? This difference is not only in our school but also in our home and to change this difference it should start from our school to change the thinking.

Therefore my humble request to Education Ministry that to create training programs for boys about "gender roles"  in every schools in twice a year in our District and also our State.So in this training program, boys will get some knowledge about Equality between them and girls, Respecting sister and mother at home, Understanding their problems and helping them in equal household chores , that does not happen in our patriarchal society, that has to be changed. which will bring gender equality in our society in future.



62 have signed. Let’s get to 100!