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To create global awareness with regards to the Ravaging effects of AIDS, War & Conflicts in Africa

The ravaging effect of conflicts in Africa can be seen in Sudan, Congo DRC, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria-Niger Delta and Jos etc. As a people bound together by culture, history, political affiliation, common heritage and a shared sense of humanity we have a collective duty to promote peaceful co-existence both in our lifetime and for the posterity. What we defer today will certainly confront us another day-it is not only delusional but appalling if Africans should continue to wait for others to define and champion their cause. Our colonial history tells us clearly that others may not always have our best interest at heart except we rise together as a people we will always be where we are now if not worse.

Therefore, we must rise to the duty's call to speak out-and when we speak out I am confident that God will stand with us and humanity will support our cause. We need only to cry out and the sleeping giant in Africa will rise and take its rightful place among nations. African Peace Day and African AIDS Day is our initiative to speak against the decadent hangover of pain, hunger, conflicts, poverty, poor leadership, corruption, the AIDS pandemic in African societies.

Let’s embrace this cause and fight for the very soul of Africa. We have dreamers, we have visioners, we have achievers, we have great poets, we have good leadership, we have strong virile economy, we have prosperous nations, we have great intellectuals, we have great scientist, architects and engineers-BUT dreamers and visioners, achievers and great poets cannot come forth from Africa if we do not make dreams and visions come true.

Like Martin Luther Jr. 'I have a dream that one day' Africa will be numbered among the very great and prosperous continents, 'I have a dream that one day' there will be the African century just like the American century and the British, Roman century, 'I have a dream that one day' the likes of Einstein will rise from Africa, 'I have a dream that one day' African children will no more die of hunger and lack of health care, ' I have a dream that one day', African children will no more be orphaned by the ravaging effects of AIDS and other pandemics, 'I have a dream that one day' the weak will be free from their political oppressors, 'I have a dream that one day African institutions will be the best in the world, 'I have a dream that one day peace will reign and freedom will reign in Congo DRC, Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, 'I have a dream that one day' peace will be seen and heard upon the mountains of Africa, the Nile will flow forth with peace, Kilimanjaro will speak of peace, Timbuktu will once again become great and Egypt will again become the seat of scientific development. 'I have a dream that one day' the hills, the valleys, the ocean, the rivers, the trees and the fields of Africa will blossom with peace and the Lion and the dove will lay side by side. 'I have a dream the trees and the fields of Africa will wave their hands in jubilation and sing of the peace in Africa. 'I have a dream that one day' righteous kings and queens will reign in the east, west, south and north of Africa. 'I have a dream' that true freedom will be known and experienced in Africa.

I invite you to share our dream, the world around, involving all men and women of goodwill to join hands and heart with us as we march towards an Africa that's crowned with Peace.

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