Petition: STOP THE OPENING of Funeral Home in Eagle Rock Way

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(向下滚动中文翻译 / See below for Chinese translation)

It is unacceptable for a funeral home to be built close to residential communities in Maple/ Vaughan (Eagle Rock Way). Currently, a sign is in the property stating that a funeral home will open at 211 McNaughton Rd E, Maple, ON L6A 4E2.

This is why it must be stopped:

(1) There is already a lot of traffic from the Go Train station (Maple Go), and the influx of people living in this area. Opening a funeral home will only increase traffic in this area. 

(2) If cremation happens, this can cause air pollution in an area with new families and children, especially given how close it is to the nearest Maple residential area (400 metres away!), it is potentially a safety hazard!

We, the undersigned, petition the City of Vaughan as follows: That the City of Vaughan take immediate action to cease and remove the permit allowing a funeral home to be built and operate on 211 McNaughton Rd E, Maple, ON L6A 4E2. 




1. 将令道路更加挤塞。
2. 他们有火葬服务,空气质量变坏。