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Stop Governor Mary Fallin from closing NORCE in Enid, OK

The Governor's plan is to pull the current residents out of NORCE in Enid. This is a facility for mentally and physically challenged citizens. Then place these individuals into small community-based houses in towns around the state. Traumatic at best, unneeded anxiety with our people. Many of which have been at NORCE for 30 years or more.

These 108 residents, must have 24 hour care with a presence of a varity of agencies, from Physical Therapy to Speech therapy, Doctors and Dentists, available to them constantly. The cost of these services will be extremely expensive to the state in case workers alone.

The residents of NORCE live under good supervision and have all they need for quality of life, under one roof. They even have a small hospital. We parents and guardians feel very strongly that removing our loved ones will leave them even more vulnerable and exposed to the outside world. This is an inhumane injustice that cannot be allowed to happen. I'm writing to give voice to my daughter, Samantha Randall who will be 47 in September.
Thank you for signing this petition for her.

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