To Check The Age Fraud of Players in BAI Tournaments

To Check The Age Fraud of Players in BAI Tournaments

3 July 2022
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The Chairman
New Delhi

Subject: Complaint against players for age fraud, forging the documents and also for committing fraud under the passport Act AND a request for setting up medical test desk for determination of age in tournament to be held at Goa from 23 July to 30th JULY.



We the undersigned parents of the players who are duly registered with BAI wants to bring to your kind notice that a huge number of badminton players registered with BAI has committed age fraud by showing their age at least two-four years less than what their actual age is, thereby not only committing fraud with players who are genuinely playing the game according to their age but also bringing the game to great disrepute not only in India but worldwide. As a result of which many genuine players are leaving the game, cuz most of them believe they cannot compete with players who are 2-4 years above their age, giving them undue advantage, a player of 13 years or 15 years is no match with a player of 17 years or nineteen years. In fact a very popular notion is being developed in young players and their parents that “if you want to succeed in game of badminton you have to forge your age record” which is a disaster not only for game but also for the young minds. These players are not committing fraud with their fellow players but are also committing fraud under passport act as they all have prepared forged birth certificates or medical certificates. It is the sacrosanct responsibility of BAI and all of us to stop this menace as we cannot remain a mute spectator of the fraud being committed before us.

It is already under your kind notice that fifty-sixty percent of players who participated in U13 category in recently held tournaments at Hyderabad and Mohali were overage but still the BAI Age Fraud Committee hasn’t done much to curb the same ,despite earlier orders of various high courts. We the undersigned had all observed personally in tournament held at Panchkula in January 2022 that a huge number of players in under 15 and under 17 category are by no stretch of imagination players of under 15 or 17 category, merely observing there body strength and looks one can know the truth they all have forged their birth/medical certificates showing themselves two-four years younger than their real age so that that they can play in under 15 or 17 category to which they are not eligible at all. The truth can be ascertained simply by looking at these players and one can easily come to conclusion that these players are not of the age what they show themselves to be, on record.

We the undersigned parents therefore kindly request you to thoroughly probe the age record of the players regarding whom the complaint has been received immediately ,and get their medical test done to know there genuine age and also not allowing these players to participate in u15 or 17 category tournament to be held in Goa unless and until they come clean with the probe and if found guilty they be banned from playing the game for at least three years and we humbly request you to set up a medical test desk for determination of age in tournament to be held at Goa from 23 July to 30th JULY which is very essential to make the tournament a huge success.

Thanking You

1.Sanjay Mishra head BAI Anti Age Fraud Committee

2.PMO office
3.Sports ministry of India

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Signatures: 183Next Goal: 200
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