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Areanna Whitlock
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My name is Areanna Whitlock. I'm a student Clinton High School. Recently our school district has lost yet another student due to suicide. Over the last 2 years we have lost a 7th grader and now a 5th grader to this cause of death. And what has our school administrators done to help prevent another one some of you may be wondering? Maybe changed their policy on bullying/cyber bullying? Maybe worked closely with students and staff to help educate mental health? Absolutely nothing. As a student in the district who has delt with a similar situation, I was met with actual laughter from my principals at the Junior High, and threats by our superintendent. We students cannot cope with more losses. Especially some that we can take steps with to help prevent. Our community has been through enough, and that has still not been enough to spark change with our administration. I'm asking for this to be shared in hope to start a petition in our community and schools to have them review the "zero tolerance" bullying policy and to help educate students on their mental health so that if they are struggling they know ways to reach out!! Please help us get change!! Thank you