To change graduation day from 16th to any other day after the exams get over

To change graduation day from 16th to any other day after the exams get over

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Started by Kintan Kumar

K so basically are dumb college, christ academy junior college has keot graduation day during the exams, and its not just any exam its frigging board exams. So I'm pretty sure everyone knows that commerce grad is on 19th which is after the exams and for science its on 16th.
We have second language on 18th(HINDI) and i know for people who's 2nd lang is already over they wont care if its 16th or not but still its not fair that they keep it during are board exams, i mean for commerce its on 19th so why cant they keep ours too on 18th, 19th or 20th.
I called the office idk a million times i suppose and god they dont know how to talk properly n just blame us for not obeying stuff which is weird n stupid, yea so they were like we cant change it and "if u want u can come or else dont come", I mean bruh wth does that even mean, graduation is supposed to be for us if we aint attending whats the point then and i asked him the same question and he said "teachers will celebrate".
Bruh that is so mature isn't it. And to avoid all my questions at the end they kept saying mail to the office and well we all know whats gonna be the response, sorry we cant do anything n stuff like that.
So people who have hindi exam on 18th i mean cmon y'all cant be agreeing with the college abt keeping the grad on 16th, and people who's exams end before that try to understand ig the situation, its entirely wrong to keep exams during boards.
Grad is always kept before the exams and thats what i asked him, dude said "corona situation" issms, lmao we've been coming to school since jan, it was closed in middle yes but still since feb it was proper again, so thats so not a valid point to just point out corona in this.
Reason they're not keeping the grad after 19th is coz the 2nd puc starts for our juniors, but grad is at 4:30 and clg ends at 1:15 ffs and just give another day off if its that a big deal, or put the grad on sat which is 21st its a weekend, that shoudlnt be much of a probs.
They jus dont wanna understand whatever is happening and dont even listen all they do is ignore whatever we say.
I know a lot of friends right now who even have entrances after 16th or on 16th so what about them i asked the office people and same ans again its ur wish if u wanna come if u dont want dont come. 
They really gotta learn how to talk properly ngl.

12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!