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Hello my name is Joanna. I am the mother of an amazing 9 year old little boy named michael, here is our story:

When I was pregnant with michael, I was in a severely abusive relationship, enduring domestic violence on almost a daily basis. Because of this, when Michael was born, they took my son. They didn't even help me get out of the situation, didn't offer preventive services or counseling, they just took him. The allegations were that I put my son and daughter into an abusive household. When I went to court, they gave me a court menu- or "treatment plan" to complete, including mental health evaluation, parenting classes, stable housing, and a job for at least 6 months. for many years i struggled with depression and anxiety from PTSD...Which caused me to struggle with stability, and during this time I was working to complete my menu and gain financial stability and housing- they had my son with my father... BUT When michael turned 4 he started becoming abusive, violent and angry.
During this time, He was visiting with his [abusive] father on the weekends, DSS allowed this, even though he is the reason i lost michael! Nobody understood why michael was acting the way that he was, or why. I suspected abuse. Dss spoke to my father, and He was seperated from his sister, placed with his paternal grandmother...
. Im still at this point still struggling with stability but doing my best to get myself together for my children. When michael was 5 i spoke to him and his sister, They alleged that michael's father sexually abused them. I immedialty recorded them And investigated into the matter, and found that things weren't adding up with this guy.... I took the recording to dss, Dss went to michaels school and begged the case worker not to return him home to his father because he beats him with belts, kicks him, and punches him in the face. At this point i felt that My children were being abused sexually and physically and there was absolutley nothing i could legally do for them. I am their mother and its my job to protect them, there is no worse feeling in the world than not being able to shelter your children from harm!
Michael was placed into foster care at this point,and By this time im getting my classes done that dss wanted me to take. I was struggling so hard to complete this court menu but never gave up because I needed my children as much as they need me! I took a set of parenting classes for 12 weeks, for them to tell me that it wasnt good enough and that the company that i went thru wasnt approved with dss.
So i went to another parenting class that the case worker sent me to for 16 weeks. And finished that! Then they switched case workers on me yet again and The new case worker said i had to then take ANOTHER parenting classes for a "special needs child". In 2015 i moved in with my now husband. He has worked the same job for 8 yrs, is very stable. He took the parenting classes with me. We completed them! We had our new place for 6 months, and income.. our menu was finally complete! Go to the worker and she said not yet.....
u need to take drug and alcohol classes! I dont do drugs. But i didnt argue, I took the classes and finished. We were finally ready for.him to come home, our menu was complete! Go to the worker and she tells me it's too late.. funny they didn't say that when they were signing me up for these things and charging my health insurance! It was so devastating to me that I went through everything they set up for me and now they say he will not return home.....

Me and my husband moved into our house in the middle of 2016, got married oct 2016. And were still in the same house For almost 2 yrs now. Ifinally made the decision to have a family member get custody of michael to get him out of the state of sc to protect him from his father and the abusive system he was in. because Before hand he was placed in multiple foster homes, all due to the foster parents "inappropriately disciplining" him. My son has been shuffled around the system far too much... my husband has now 2 jobs, Both legal. I am a stay at home wife, we have a vehicle, our own home with bedrooms for both my children, and a steady income.

There is no reason why my son can not come home with me!!

He was on a flight a few months ago from delaware to south carolina to be placed in a new foster home- so it's obvious he is still being moved around the system. I wouldn't be making this last plea to get my son back if he was in a stable home but 8 years later the system STILL has not been able to offer my son stability... I have travelled a long and hard road, and worked very hard to be where i am and i feel that cps is not only screwing me over but they are destroying any chance of my son having a normal childhood. i have been stable for almost 2 yrs now, and completed my court menu...And dss stated that its "took me too long to get myself together." I still have my rights let me remind you, and he's not even settled in anywhere, he's STILL being moved around the system, what's it going to hurt if he comes home, So im going to fight till its over! I made one last push and filed for custody, again. I need help, support and kind words from as many people as I can. The system has not only wronged me, lied to me, made me complete a menu only to tell me it's too late (but didn't say that to me until the day I finished) but they have moved my son from one abusive situation to another and now he is emotionally a wreck, he's angry all the time and the only thing this kid wants is to be with his mother when I speak to him over the phone it's his only request, to be with mom. DSS is not giving me the chance I deserve , so now that I am filing for custody and have completed, I am hoping the judge will send Michael home. I need support and help!

Dss has michael admitting to the abuse that his father put him thru and they still have not charged him or taken his parental rights! They want to stick him right back into a bad situation, and yet another foster home.

Update as of 5/4/2018...
Michael was kicked out of 3 foster homes this past weekend. When I spoke to him. He said he is angry because he wants to come home. And he feel like the cw won't let him see us.

Update as of 5/9/2018
WE went to court and the dss ppl said they don't want to do reunification. That they want to tpr/adopt. They are worried about my employment. However my son's father's lawyer stated that me not working shouldn't matter because my husband has employment so much so that he was denied a court appointed lawyer. Now we are going to trial.

Thank u. Please share and help get the word out. I want justice for my son. And my son home with me!

UPDATE JULY 1, 2018.
LITTLE MICHAEL is now in a group home because he was in 3 Foster homes in one weekend. He still has no stability at all. He needs to come home!!!

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