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To bring down corrupt , useless MLA SAT SHARMA CA. Resignation of MLA SAT SHARMA CA.

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M Mla Sat Sharma CA is a representative of Jammu west constituency and he is BJP J&K state president .

One day he decided to stand for elections . Nobody was knowing his name before and never ever worked for public welfare . That time Modi ji your wave helped him to gain victory but his inner instincts were never clean. We all did a very big mistake by voting this person i my self voted for him and i regret why i did that.

After winning the elections Mr Sat Sharma never care for his area he always was a credit seeker to make his name highlight in social media and news.

During his time period Jammu west constituency become worst and worst, roads have been broken for some construction purposes but no follow ups have been taken, we are suffering from last 2 years .Due to all dust and garbage lying here and there every body started facing problems.

People started approaching him with problems but he did care he let the the time pass and did not did any work . Due to poor living conditions ( broken roads , garbage lying on streets , citizens health also started getting effected.

Now the scenario is when people started raising voice against MR Sat Sharma on social network and his all dirty politics start getting exposed in front of whole Jammu . He started using his political influence to pressurize police to take action against people and to harass them to suppress their voice.

So called democratic leader cant withhold his criticism......He should be made president of Nazi party and not BJP. BOYCOTT HITLER SAT SHARMA CA.

Modi ji and BJP please open your eyes and take a step against this injustice and set an example for people of Jammu

I want whole Jammu as well as whole world to stand against this injustice and let them show the power of voters . If we can let them win we have power to bring them down also.

Please sign this petition to bring useless minister MR SAT SHARMA CA DOWN and make him resign if he cant do his job.

The person has proved himself as the most feeble MlA of the state ....a person need not speak but condition of his constituency itself speaks
the height is this that when it comes to learn from ones own criticism....the person rather than accepting and looking forward for development...gets his critics arrested
Tyrannical display of power by party president...he is a blot on the name of Bjp and modi jis ache din.......
we are not stone pelter but indian citizens have due regard and right granted to us under constitution of India....
Sat sharma should be thrown out of his party and be sent to Germany to form a new Nazi party because person like him fits in such shoes only and not in Indian democracy




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