No Mining On Our Pike Chain Of Lakes!

No Mining On Our Pike Chain Of Lakes!

September 3, 2020
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Bayfield County Planning And Zoning Committee and
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Why this petition matters

To: Bayfield County Planning And Zoning Committee 

Regarding: Frostman/Lewis Open-Pit Mine

We are property owners on the Pike Chain of Lakes and surrounding areas.  We strongly OPPOSE the Ralph Frostman/Travis Lewis open-pit mine.  We request that you ADVISE AGAINST the project to the Bayfield County Planning and Zoning Committee for the reasons stated below:

1.  The Frostman/Lewis Open Pit Mine is too close to the Pike Chain of Lakes recreational area.  The Pike Chain and its surrounding forest recreational area are a vital asset to its residents, Iron River’s tourism industry and to Bayfield County.  We must protect it from further industrial encroachment and value diminishment.

2.  This site is not within the “Mining Overlay” identified on the Town of Iron River’s Future Land Use Plan. The site is intended to remain Forest.

3. The Lewis land and the Pike Chain Of Lakes share the same water shed- the White River Water Shed.  This water shed flows into Lake Superior. We are very concerned about ground and lake water contamination.

4.  The noise produced by the open-pit mine so close to our residences and tourist vacation areas will diminish the quality of the area and the enjoyment of the lakes for residents and visitors alike.  The cost to all of us, by the loss of enjoyment and value of our properties, is much greater than the benefit Mr. Lewis would gain from this mine.

5.  There are in already several mines in Iron River’s Mining Overlay.  Another mine is not needed.  The existing sites already detract from the beauty of our region.

6.  There have been no qualified environmental studies performed to quantify air, water, and noise pollution.

7.  Bayfield County specifies “new Commercial and Industrial activities should be limited to those areas designated as such in order to minimize adverse impacts upon surrounding land use, particularly residential use”.


Pike Chain Of Lakes Friends

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Signatures: 1,080Next Goal: 1,500
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