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To impose sanctions against Greece

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I feed stray animals. Many times in the past, I have found poisoned cats and I had lodged complains by the police. Recently I was informed that, if I wanted to lodge a complaint about the death of a pet, I had to pay in advance a 100 Euros worth deposit. Since then, I have been attacked by indignant neighbours because they didn't want the cats to be fed due to the fact, that -in their opinion- the cats pollute the district. Shortly after each incident a cat disappears. In one occasion a neighbour told me he had found one of my beloved cats poisoned in his garage. In an other occasion I had witnessed the killing of a cat by a callous driver.
I 'm an unemployed language teacher, living on my aunt, who lives on a pension. I could never afford 100 Euros each time. According to the Greek Government, if you don't have 100 Euros spare, you have no right to have CONSCIENCE or if you are a bit well of, the fact that you have conscience will make you 100 Euros poorer each time you witness a cruelty against animals.
I 'm asking from the European Parliament to vote against the new regulation of the Greek Government and eventually impose the due sanctions against Greece.

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