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Dismiss all charges against Gordon Van Gilder

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To those it may concern (which does include the people of New Jersey and throughout the United States of America):

For the purposes of justice, and for liberty, life, and pursuit of happiness thereof, the signers of this petition do urge all members associated with the prosecution of Gordon Van Gilder to dismiss all charges on the grounds that:

1) The United States Constitution allows the God-given right of citizens to keep and bear arms, which clearly states that this right shall not be infringed, hence any law restricting the possession or maintaining of a weapon is completely unconstitutional;

2) According to ancient theologian (Blackstone, Saint Thomas Aquinas) of law, Mens Rea (intent to commit harm) and Actus Reus (action of harm) are both required for a crime to be committed, thus

a) Gordon Van Gilder lacked any intention to perform any harm on any persons at all times. 

b) Gordon Van Gilder performed no action which did any harm to any citizen in the great state of New Jersey. 

3) Finally, that the weapon was of such a an ancient state that it can hardly be considered a threat, since some of the noted law theologians likely had more training with such a device than modern men and women.  The question begs, should we next outlaw "Greek fire" if it can be fully rediscovered, or catapults, or trebuchets? 

It is well established that an unjust law is no law at all, may you void all such laws and free this gentlemen, as now may you are aware many Americans look on at your actions and are concerned for what appears as the "fringes of tyranny" against a 72 year old retired school teacher who has worked hard his whole life, and deserves to live out his life peacefully as he has done so in the past, rather than being locked in a cage without cause.  

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