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Save people from dog-bite

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To save all people in rural areas from dog bite, advise all young and old to carry a 18 inch long stick all the time. This shall reduce the incidence of dog bite. I have tried this in a border village of Amritsar /Punjab. Almost 100 ladies, children and adults have started doing this.The idea is catching up. Till we can stop pregnancies in bitches, this shall be the only protective from dog bites - but millions upon millions shall have to carry sticks in the cities and the villages. 

For preventing bitch pregnancies I have a very simple idea - block the vaginal canal with sterile cotton or a synthetic plug once and there shall never be a pregnancy. If people can do this all over the country ( vet department shall never do this), there shall be not no new dogs. However we shall still see present stray dogs for the next 10-12 years


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