Stop consuming supplementary foods unless it's necessary

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Being a pediatric dietitian Im really worried about the younger generation. In this fast generation people blaming they don't have time, instead of that ready to eat, supplementary foods had come.  Now I have seen an advertisement that one spoon will give you one whole egg protein. Just think all the products which keep for a long time it will decompose, if it doesn't decompose on time what the thing is happening, they adding chemicals and preseverative too keep it long.  Im making this petition in a layman language that all the people must know. Kindly avoid packed foods don't trust blindly energy drink makes your child stronger, sharper.... Changing health drinks never give your child immunity... Health drinks only to sick child,  normal child should eat all the foods in a natural way not in a preserved manner. I kindly request all the parents must aware what they're providing to their child, are they feeding food or slow poison to their kids. If you like to provide slow poison to your kindly please go ahead with all the energy and artificial drinks.  Stop drinking health drinks unless it's not necessary.