Pay rise for the supermarket workers

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At a time when most of the country is shutting down, grocery store employees are working their tails off so we can all have food, medicine, toiletries, and soap to keep our hands clean during the pandemic.

At a time when everyone is attempting to stay six feet away from each other, cashiers are coming into contact with countless people and their purchases all day long. They are putting the health of themselves and their families at risk.

Grocery store workers also have to deal with the stress of the hoarding mentality that has struck many Kiwis .They have to deal with rude customers who enter the store like dire wolves, ready to fight over the last box of Toilet rolls

The pay scale for grocery store workers is all over the map depending on location and whether the employees are part of a union ,majority of the workers are on minimum wage ,But we can all agree they should get extra compensation during this crisis and their wage should be increased  immediately,especially when their companies are making record profits off the pandemic.

This is a tough time in our country and everyone wants to help those on the front lines. Grocery store owners, show us you care about your employees by giving them the pay rise immediately.

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