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This is an open petition to ALL those companies providing door staff.                   Door staff give up their weekends, Evenings and Holidays, they do not work sociable hours.

They risk their lives and risk being injured every time they stand on a door.

They do not simply do this for an 'extra income' as they all know they can earn more working stocking shelves at Aldi or Lidl.

The do this because they care about protecting you, your sons and daughters, mother and fathers etc, they enjoy being able to ensure people have a safe night out, some pay their own way to train as First Responders, to train in first aid etc just to be able to go the extra mile, they miss Birthdays and Xmas, holidays and weekends with their children and partners. 

Year on year the wages for door work have been going down, yet the rise in violence, weapons, assaults and deaths of door staff keeps going up.

This is in part due to unscrupulous Security companies hiring non-UK citizens willing to work for less and also the Job Centres pushing unsuitable people on to security courses and paying for their licences, then forcing them to interview with so-called Security companies, who will employ them, as they can offer them minimum wage and these people have no choice but to accept, or their benefits are stopped.

This means these companies can undercut decent companies which pay door staff a better rate, forcing decent companies to have to lower wages and working conditions, such as minimum 4 hour shifts, using cheap unreliable two-way radios, putting one door staff on a venue when the law should state a minimum of two (you can not watch your own back when dealing with a group) Venue managers who know no better, or simply do not care, are contracting these unscrupulous Security companies to save a few quid and risking the lives of you and your families in the process.  

We the undersigned, call on all security companies to offer a standard rate of £10 an hour for any door staff on their second consecutive door licence. To reach into their own pockets and force conditions and wages back to an acceptable level, before all decent door staff are forced to leave this industry, and surrender it to the incapable, minimum wage folk. 

We will be creating and constantly be updating a list of those companies who step up, and a list of those companies who do not, and publishing these on social media.

Keep Calm and Call Door-staff.


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