Get DCS veteran DanielNL unbanned now It's been over 2months,he didn't break any DDCS rule

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This petition supports Drex in his decision to finally unban me and give every DDCS player a fair chance when they made a mistake of which they couldn't know about before making it.

It's been almost 3 months now since the temporary ban (it was initially intended a 1 month ban):

I got banned for reporting a DDCS player to the Discord Inc. team for doxing me [doxing = the act of publishing private information of another person without their permission], as doxing is against Discord's own Terms of service (the player I reported didn't ask me for permission of course and didn't remove the private information, although he obviously knew I wouldn't agree on it).

After the ban it was stated that Drex wanted me to report it to him before reporting it to Discord and let him handle the situation instead. I didn't report it to him as of course I didn't want anyone to get attention on my doxed information, that's why I reported to Discord Inc. instantly. Of course I would've instantly reported it only to Drex had I known that he would ban me if I didn't report it to him instead.

I know Drex is a very very busy developer, and we should all totally respect him for his amazing work on the whole DDCS server-system, but not getting unbanned after over 2 months for an initial 1 month ban (the ban seems to have been extended without any solid argument) obviously shouldn't be considered a "fair chance".

By signing this petition, the long-time regular DDCS players (those are many, since about march 2018 and even longer) ask Drex to let DanielNL be allowed to

  • finally fly the Harrier for the team!


  • be a very useful GCI again, as I was until may/june


Here are 6 reasons speaking in favor of unbanning me:

DanielNL ...

  1. ... never broke any of the june-dated DDCS rules (until my ban, after that date, rules have been added)
  2. ... was an excellent GCI in the past, and most probably still is: a very focussed operator, fast-processing F10 map AWACS/EWR information, fast-replying to pilots (voice) with only necessary information in correct NATO brevity code with excellent english language skills
  3. ... has never stopped advertising the DDCS server in my forum signature, already since early 2018
  4. ... has an excellent recent bug-reports- (thorough) and feature-requests- (realistic ones, highly suited for multiplayer) -reputation in the ED forum (created over 45 high quality bug-reports/wishlist threads since june and many more DCS-community useful posts during the past months).
  5. I also was Drex' patreon ( for several months in early 2018

Finally, reason #6:

The person who doxed me violated DDCS rule #7 already before the doxing incident, this unfortunately neither me nor anyone else reported to Drex [DDCS Rule #7. Behave and Be Respectful, this community is made up of many different types/walks of people.]

Let's get this incident settled once and for all:

We prevent this mishap from happening again by suggesting to Drex to add a new DDCS rule #13: "Players who were doxed must report this to Drex or a DDCS moderator instead of reporting it to Discord Team"

and let's look forward to having great DDCS nights again like we had in the first half of 2018 and keep the DDCS community growing and someday the DDCS-server-system to be included into the ED dedicated servers (or even get Drex hired by ED!)

Sincerely, DanielNL

To be signed by the DDCS players who acknowledge that a "no fair chance"-doctrine is not what the DCS community stands for, when only related to a doxing incident (note that this is totally different of course from for example bug-abusing/cheating incidents, only these incidents do affect the players in a stongly negative way).

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