Please hear President Assad's "side" of the story and ask the Governments to negotiate.

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Please hear President Assad's "side" of the story with regard to Syria and sign the petition asking the Governments of the World,  the UK and USA in particular,  to negotiate with him.  The Media often provide a  very unbalanced view of a situation, their view or the generally accepted Politically Correct view. (Please see He is the only stable focal point in the area and already has some support from some of his people and has areas of peace.  Even an ex UK Ambassador to Syria has said on TV that to remove will will not bring peace.  The West deposed Saddam Hussein thinking we would set the people free but the disorder has been greater since his death. President Assad  and his wife were educated in London and he speaks  of democracy, the West does not fully understand the Middle Eastern "thinking", he does. We need to support support President Assad  and Russia, who in fact in 2015 suggested a coalition or nations similar to post WW2 in order to bring peace  in Syria and defeating Islamic State that most parties involved in the war also wish to. This offer was not take up. We could have perhaps ended this war at that time.  We should also ask the International Governments to establish/offer an International AID package to rebuild Syria. Thereafter let there be some sort  an international "anti war team" that intercepts ALL wars in its early stages so that this does not occur in the world again. We  ALL need to change our ways and be careful how we speak as individuals and particularly those  "on air",  the Media,  Government Leaders, Politicians, the Celebrities, for it presents an "image" sometimes that is not correct to the "masses"  and it affects our "thinking"  and judgement on a matter when we that do not have the full information on an issue and this causes much division and discord in society, even perhaps to create and prolong war.To negotiate with President  Assad may be the  ONLY way to bring peace, for there are over 40 Islamic type "factions" in the war and it will be impossible to get them all to agree and  it will only get worse. Please see  and go to the "You Tube" Heading and Video Clip "The Syrian Solution?"  and for other information as to how  we can resolve/prevent  religious and perhaps other  wars in the future.Please click on links below  to hear the other "side" of the story before you sign if you wish:  (5 min Statement by Pres. Putin of Russia St. Petersburg International Economic Forum March 2015)  (40minTV Discussion with Syrian opposition and others  in March 2015 with regard to potential talks with Pres.Assad)


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