The World's Billionaires are invited to give their richness

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Check the list of The World's Billionaires and think about it. Do you think that this is balanced?

World's Billionaires

By this petition we would like the World's Billionaires to share their richness with people and governments in order to solve the pandemic problems of COVID-19, but not only...

It should help for saving as much life's as possible, by supporting the caregivers, by supporting the research, by supporting the governments, by fighting against the economical destruction all over the world and finally helping the people for their quality of life in the future.

The COVID-19 is a sign of the sickness in the immunity system of our world. By the way, there is an analogy between the virus of our unbalanced capitalistic system, which allowed to have 2200 Billionaires, and the Corona-virus. Actually, there is to restore the immunity of the whole planet. It is a question of balance between natural resources and economical justice for all living beings.

"To all World's Billionaires : We invite you to give and to share 95% of your richness with all governments and humans of this world"

Thank you for your understanding and sharing this petition worldwide

Our goal is to have one billion (1'000'000'000) signatures ! and this world will change