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Justice for Wesley Hallam and His Family

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Wesley Hallam was 29 years old and a father to a then, 5 year old son when he was murdered and dismembered by Dylan Jocko, Ronald Mitchell and Eric Mearow, on January 7/8, 2011. His dismembered body was found  on January 11th, 2011 on  Landslide Road in a ditch near Cold Water Creek. 

A few months later, Jocko, Mitchell and Mearow were charged with First Degree Murder and Indignity to a Dead Human Body. Now, in a mind boggling decision, after 5 and a half years of investigations, scores of witnesses and over 3 million dollars of wasted tax payers money, a certain group of Crown Attorneys have taken to a vote and decided to accept a plea bargin of Manslaughter, resulting in a 10 year term - including time served for Jocko, Mitchell and Mearow

Jocko, Mitchell and Mearow will be back in the Sault Ste. Marie courthouse on July 28th, 2016 and the defense will enter their plea of Manslaughter. At that time 1 of 3 actions by the judge could occur:

1) The judge accepts the plea agreement and the terms attached to it.

2) The judge accepts the plea agreement and adds more time to the incarceration.
3) The judge does not accept the plea agreement.

We, the people of Sault Ste Marie are shocked and outraged at this turn of events. The crime committed to this man was horrendous and extremely disturbing. Parts of Hallam's dismemebered body were found in Dafter, Michigan ! His grieving mother can not even put her son to rest, as these body parts remain pieces of evidence!  We understand that the Criminal Justice System is a delicate balancing act, trying to protect the interests of all concerned. What is the right balance between over-incarceration and not enough protection for the public from individuals that are clearly dangerous? There will not be a trial for these criminals. They will not face a jury where all the sick dehumanizing details of their heinous crime will be shared. They will not be judged by their peers. The ideals that will be brought forward with this decision will  prove that the destruction of a human life is worth only ten years of incarceration at best, which is a very dangerous attitude for our society. Public protection should be a much higher priority than the rights of these prisoners. Murdering a person is one of the worst crimes that can be committed. It undermines the value of life and the punishment for this should be of comparable caliber. Adding intoxication as a defence is setting a very dangerous precedence. 

We must also consider the the other victims of this crime. If these criminals are released , the family of the deceased, and witnesses will all be living in fear. Sault Ste Marie has been faced with Vigilante Justice in the past and the fear of retaliation is a very real. Vigilante  justice is "extrajudicial punishment that is motivated by the nonexistence of law and order or nonexistence of law and order or dissatisfaction with justice " Sadly, many will be angered and dissatisfied with the justice system if these murderers are soon set free. Often, innocent victims are killed or injured as collateral damage during vigilante justice. We can NOT allow this to happen !!

We ask, the presiding judge to please, "reject the joint submission" because it is clearly not in the best interests of justice, the victim, the victim witnesses and the community at large as these defendants are repeat offenders -----who have expressed no remorse whatsoever and have in fact made a mockery of the court by leering and laughing at the witnesses in their attempts to intimidate them....acts which have caused each of these young adults to continue to be fearful for their lives. We must also consider Wesley hallam's family, who was given only 2 weeks to respond to this decision and prepare their victim impact statements. This decision was made in April of 2016! Why is it only becoming public today, 10 days before the court date ??

We must take a stand against the release of such dangerous individuals, if not for a sense of true justice, then at least for the safety of our society. Please stand with us in demanding justice for Wesley Hallam, his family and our community !

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