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CITIZENS OF PEACE : for a peaceful opposition to tyrannies in the Middle East.

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Despotism, suppression of civil rights —and the resulting protests against this lasting condition of freedoms lack— is the static image of past and present times in the Middle East. The global appreciation is that the region will be acting like this forever. Historical algebra plus cultural and religious roots have contributed to the prevalence of dictatorships.

To top it all, the physical location of large energy resources in this area has gathered all kind of flags in this part of the geography map. And it seems that the lack of freedoms in this corner of the world would also be desirable for states outside the region, as they often close their eyes to the tyranny and absence of democracy and prefer gaining the material benefits of energy resources rather than the real defense of the social movements of people in these areas.

With this brief introduction, civil resistance is the only way to change the Middle East. The anti-violence movement is the only way-out of the closed and tyrannical communities in the Middle East. Choosing a peaceful opposition instead of violence is the best way to overcome consolidated dictatorships in the Middle East. Enabling nonviolence to achieve social and political goals is a purposeful project to encourage universal participation, which can withstand organized violence through methods such as fighting in the virtual world and infusing this struggle to the level of ideas for civil disobedience.

Social and political changes with peaceful thinking do not mean surrendering to the circumstances. It is better an alternative kind of fight. Violent changes based on an armed revolution or a coup in the Middle East have shown that any move that begins with violence will continue along this violent path —and it will be harder to achieve freedom in those circumstances as none of the revolutions and coups in this region has led to the abolition of despotism.

Civil disobedience and negative struggle with government orders, alongside the use of virtual world media to connect with anti-violence activists, are the path to achieve much significant changes —changes that create a free society with civil behavior based on citizenship rights. Political power is now not coming from gunpowder but from the hearts of people who believe in peace. Oppression and tyranny won`t be eradicated by violence, as the revolutionaries of today will become more violent the day after the victory over the oppressors.

But peace can be institutionalized by institutionalizing the ideas and behaviors of nonviolent struggle in an area where tyranny has a vast history behind. In order to achieve this, we need a great global partnership, and this assistance can be summoned in the name of citizens of peace —a borderless community that fosters a broad social network of peaceful struggles in the region and brings together Middle East peace-loving militants.

Movements to take place against tyranny in the Middle East will require this collective effort to win. Propaganda tries to silence opposition voices through violent acts against the political and social demands of protesters. Even to justify the suppression of these movements, they are encouraging them to engage in violent activities. It is the duty of citizens of peace to help protesters continue their peaceful pursuits through their geographic borders, informing its fellow citizens and joining these movements. Peaceful movements need a huge balance of global public opinion to win inside, so that dictatorial governments don’t suppress their people's voice.

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