Let's get our rights to r.v's on OUR property!

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The Thompson Regional District (TNRD) has implemented by-laws specifically targeting members of our community who by economic necessity have chosen to live in a recreational vehicle within the rural areas of the district. For many this choice is the only option to homelessness. As well, the regional district has taken away, under threat of fines and harassment, the right of landowners to accommodate anyone, friend or family in an RV, tent etc for more than two weeks on their own property! These laws are specifically targeting the least fortunate of our community as we face mill closures, economic uncertainty and a severe lack of affordable housing. We consider these by-laws to be unethical and a direct affront to the right of rural landowners to enjoy the freedom of their own properties as they see fit. We are petitioning the regional district (TNRD) to repeal these laws and to cease their attack upon the most vulnerable of our community.
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