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Considering the so Called "reputation" of our college and then shear negligence for the placement of core branches(MAE, EEE) is quite obscene. It's laughable to see such high cutoffs to get respective branches in this college and then absolutely no placement opportunities, forget about maximum no. of pupil being placed, core department students doesn't even get the luxury of opportunities and with such attitude, college management has the spine to start ME branch as well. Such attitude towards core branches has been extremely frustrating and the only argument TNP cells has to make is, "apply for IT companies" if we were so interested in working for IT then we wouldn't choose core departments and even expecting that we should be grateful for this opportunity is an absolute joke, we have spent so much in our college tuition and then our department isn't treated the same way TNP treat CS and IT branch. Worst part is, our college is considered to be one of the best in IP university and yet other IP colleges are providing better placement opportunities for core companies which only begs the question, what is the reason behind such high cutoff when you can't even provide job opportunities, basically work hard to get absolutely nothing because let's be honest if college couldn't provide you with basic opportunities it's better of opting for college that does. Sign this petition in order to bring a change for the new students as well as allow the hard earned money of our parents not go to waste.