Cancel TNAU breaking system and promote all students

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 Students to TNAU 

When agriculture goes down people are supposed to lift it up.
But somewhere time changes agriculturist were suppressed and agriculture students were depressed
Agriculture students life were destructed by breaking system(For all students it is the main reason to hate agriculture).

Students being in a stage of teenage have a sensitive mindset where they fear to face breaking and ready to end up there life
Generations changes students mindset have changed thus need a change in breaking system.
We were not against of studies or universities we are standing just against the breaking system and wanted our students life to be happy.

Due to breaking system many were changing their courses were it all starts people to hate agriculture and when Agri students suggestions were being against agriculture
We the students of 2017 and 2018 batches we have not attempted a single arrear exam for last one year but had having different patterns of exam where we can't standup still in exam patterns thus we were not ready to moveup with breaking system.

The university can take off All India tour,study tour and rawe but why can't it cancel the breaking system.

Agriculture can be studied and mugged up by the people who have memory power
But it can be done only by the people who were interested thus because of getting marks don't judge students and don't put there life into the dark by breaking system.

We the students of 2017,2018 batches kindly requesting you to consider our situation and mindset of students and wanted you to cancel breaking system and want you to promote us to next year without breaking of all students and allow to write exams in upcoming semesters.

We hope that you makes the right decision. Thank you..

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