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This petition is to legalize cockfighting and to let people that own these wonderful fowl, enjoy the freedom of fighting them  These fowl are not made to fight, it is in their genes.  Even out in the wild, they fight to the death.  They do not have to have people to make them do it. 

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Cockfighting is an ancient sport and a way of life for many that has been handed down through generations and is a family heritage for many. Cockfighting should be legalized because if pits were opened in Tennessee as in the Philippines and Puerto Rico, it would bring a lot of taxes and revenue from outsiders. If the taxes were took out before the winner got it, Tennessee would get their taxes and the people would enjoy their freedom of cockfighting. There is a lot of time and hard work that goes into cockfighting from feeding, raising, conditioning and care of these birds. The game cock is one of the best cared for creatures on earth because people can't win with sick or uncared for fowl. It would be a great hobby for young boys instead of drugs and getting into trouble because the young boys have nothing to do, therefore, they get into drugs, trouble. The fighting of these fowl comes from within their hearts. You can't make game fowl fight if it is not in their genes.



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