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Petitioning Representative Steve Cohen and 4 others

Take over the administration of the Shelby Co. Election Commission

The Shelby County Election Commission has been mired with problems for far too long.

The Election Commission administration has been faulted for voters receiving incorrect ballots in the August 2012 election, admitted at least 600 voters in one precinct alone received incorrect ballots in the November 2012 election, recently had an election overturned due to voters receiving incorrect ballots in a School Board race, and now have been found to be at fault in processing voter registration applications.

The sanctity of our elections is the cornerstone of our democracy. These are not small errors. Thousands of individuals have been impacted throughout Shelby Co.

This is also not a partisan issue, it is a competence issue. Neither party has a monopoly on competence.

If you believe the voting process should be error free and want competent management of the Shelby Co. Election Commission, I urge you to sign this petition.

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