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Petitioning Governor Bill Haslam and 9 others

Charge and prosecute the man who shot their puppy and is stalking them.

Because this man who was a reserve cop should not be able to get away with luring dogs out of their yard to shoot them.  Plus now he is stalking the family and anyone who arrives at their home while being armed with a firearm from their property line.  There is a video of him luring the dog out of the yard and shooting the puppy.  This man needs to be indicted on charges, as he lured a dog from the yard and shot it and he is stalking the family while being armed.  This entire family is still trying to care for their recovering puppy while living in constant fear for their own lives.  Please stop him.  This family is afraid for their lives.  Stop him before something else happens, as statistics show that people who become serial killers often start out by killing animals.  

Please see the article at this link and all of the highlighted links within the article for more information 

Please remember that this petiiton is being emailed to all officials each time that the petition is signed or commented on, so while I know this is upsetting, let's try to be civil in our requests that something be done before something else happens.  

Letter to
Governor Bill Haslam
Ashley Helton
Esau Hamby, Investigator
and 7 others
Bobby Ellis, Investigator
Gary Seiber, Investigator
Steve Cochran, Chief Deputy
Glen Freytag, Sheriff
Mayor Don Edwards
Senator Ken Yager
District Attorney General Honorable Russell Johnson
Charge and prosecute the man who shot the Helton's puppy Prince and is stalking them.

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