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Conspiracy behind death of Late Tamilnadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha -Order CBI Inquiry

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There is a conspiracy behind the death of the late Tamilnadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha. Ever since she got admitted in the hospital on 22nd September 2016 till her death there's no credible photo's, Video's or any person other than constitutional authority (Governor) had visited and met her during the treatment period. Though Apollo hospital was maintaining status quo saying she is getting well and she can leave home anytime doesn't substitute / support their claim when she was having regular food etc she could have spoken with people through video conferencing or visited her confidants apart form Sasikala. During her stay she was not met by any of their party members or there was a situation which prevailed them to maintain such a state. The doubts arise & substitute certain claims made by prominent individuals (Own party Member P.H Pandian & Son), media's (Tv9), Journalist's (Nakeeran Gopal) and the enclosed video (

We have the following questions to be answered..,

1. If she was really weak & not keeping well why were the doctors didn't advice her appropriately to take precautionary treatments Or it's systematically avoided by the close group of associates to execute their plan.  

2. What really happened in the late night at her residence (On 21st September 2016) before going to hospital / how did she fell ill all of a sudden.

3. Who else other than Sasikala (Chief Servant Maid) was there in her home and witnessed the developments (Proof of video / CCTV).

4. Inquire every worker who were present to know the real truth

5. Why none of the ruling party (AIADMK) MLA's, MP's & ministers questioned about her health during her stay in the hospital and be adamant  / protest to see her. Even prominent personalities maintained silence.

6. Was there a threat to them or they are party to the episode?

7.Is this a well planned & executed death to claim her legacy & abduct her position to enjoy power (Because there wasn't any legal heir to her legacy) 

8. The way Sasikala behaved ever-since her hospitalization, after death & their family trying to capture the party through proxies and her urgency to become Chief Minister of Tamilnadu proves / bring doubts of a criminal plot.

9. There is high chances for destroying all evidences if her coterie of people become rulers of Tamilnadu.

The inquiry must submit all evidence of her treatment, videos during her stay at hospital to the public scrutiny and clear our concerns.

I sincerely request you to sign this petition and make the truth be told!!!

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