Pardon Cyntoia Brown

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We the people petition for the PARDON & RELEASE of Cyntoia Brown in Tennessee.

Cyntoia Brown was a 16 year old, juvenile, when she was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for a crime committed, while she, herself, was a victim of underage sex trafficking. During this time she shot and killed a man, whom she feared was reaching for a gun and going to kill her, after he took her home for sex. She was tried as an adult and convicted of murder and received a LIFE SENTENCE for her actions, which she says were out of fear. Since it is illegal to put a juvenile in jail for life, this sentence of 50 years is at conflict with the intent of the law. It is manifestly UNJUST SENTENCING for her to be incarcerated until she is 69 for her actions as a teen.

Cyntoia should never have received such a harsh sentence and no juvenile should receive such a harsh sentencing of well over 10 years, or tried as an adult, when they are also a victim of other's crimes that have placed them in dangerous situations where crimes are committed against them.


Her sentence has now potentially been reduced to ONLY 50 years, at which point she can petition for parole.

Cyntoia has redeeming qualities and has completed her education during this time. She is NOT a threat to society and deserves release from this extreme punishment. In order to reform Juvenile Justice we must make sure that children are given an opportunity for redemption in a restorative system.

Please PARDON Cyntoia Brown. Release her from jail and restore her rights.