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No More Guild Poaching By TLOPO Staff

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I, and numerous other players of The Legend of Pirates Online, have received invites to join guilds from members of the TLOPO staff, such as JohnnyDaPirate, when we are already in guilds. The players of this game have worked hard to build up their guilds, and it is wrong for those members to be stolen from their guilds by members of the game's very staff. Therefore, as a devoted player of The Legend of Pirates Online, I ask you all to join me in petitioning for this cause: Members of the TLOPO staff must stop poaching guildmembers, and/or maintain a single guild for the staff that is staff-exclusive, with the staff not being allowed to have independent guilds. Thank you.

Note: This petition is not meant to assume that all staff members poach guild members. It only asks that those minute few who do cease to do it.

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