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TLC Management Should Return Services Promised to Tenants

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The Flamingo Apartments advertised itself as "A Safe and Easy Lifestyle that is Affordable and Convenient", and that is exactly what we needed and we wanted. We were happy to be in a building with services that made our life so much easier and less stressed. We saw this as a long term home and even talked with management about a long term lease of 5-10 years. 
TLC Management bought our building and immediately took away all the services that were the reasons we moved here and that made our lives feel safe, easy and convenient.

 TLC took away 24/ 7 security. 

TLC cut on site office hours and closed the office on Sunday.

TLC took away the service of paying rent on site with a debit card at no charge.  They now charges a 3% fee to pay your rent online.

TLC took away 24/ 7 Maintenance.   Maintenance is not available after 5:00pm and no one is here on Sunday, unless they consider it an "emergency".

When I complained and started a Tenant’s Rights Organization, TLC responded by filing for eviction against me. I am currently fighting this in court.

TLC took away services that were part of our rental agreement. Rental Agreement is defined by the Chicago Tenant's Rights Ordinance as "all written or oral agreements embodying the terms and conditions concerning the use and occupancy of a dwelling unit."

The Flamingo influenced our decision to rent by advertising these services in the Flamingo Brochure, the Resident Guide, the Orientation Letter, the Flamingo website and on several other websites.These services directly affected our decision to live in this building and the amount of rent we would pay. 

TLC should honor rental agreements made with tenants.