Petition regarding 74 Royal York Rd. Daycare Proposed Daycare facility

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Hello fellow residents of the Royal York and Lake Crescent area,

After the Committee of Adjustment rejected their proposed daycare at 74 Royal  York Rd ( and Lake  Cres.),  the owners have filed an appeal wth TLAB (Toronto Local Appeal Body).   We are again asking you to sign a petition as a means of voicing your opposition to the proposed Daycare facility.   The Daycare plans to have 9 staff and up to 54 children.  The congestion created by all the traffic would be enormous. Lake Crescent on both sides of Royal York, will be crammed with vehicles.  With not enough parking and drop off spots, Drop offs will have to be done either on Royal York, which will block traffic and the Bike lane, or Lake Crescent which would create a very busy and dangerous log jam.  

If this application goes through, it will create a traffic nightmare and safety for our community.  There will be constant traffic, congestion and noise. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY… It would be very dangerous to the safety of local residents and their children, and also the children at the Daycare.

The appeal is scheduled for Tuesday June 12, 2018, 9:00. 

40 Orchard View Boulevard 2nd Floor, Suite 211 Toronto, Ontario M4R 1B9
TLAB Hearing Room 2
TLAB case Number
18 111586 S45 06 TLAB
Please Email your support to…

Tyra Dorsey
Support Assistant B, Court Services, Toronto Local Appeal Body

You want to also contact Councillor Mark Grimes

Phone: 416-397-9273