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Let Mental Health Literacy take it's place in this year's DMK election manifesto.

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#Understanding mental health #Mentalhealth at schools

To effectively and sustain-ably enhance mental health literacy of students and educators and to help increase access to care.

An embedded curriculum resource delivered to students by trained teachers.

 The news of students committing suicide, rape, killings, caste discrimination etc. don't let me sleep well. I feel sad reading about these news items. What makes the children vulnerable to all these? When post problem is a matter of concern, I strongly feel that the cause of problem should be rooted out.

Then comes the question of what’s the cause? Simple answer is lack of awareness and sensitization on what, who, why and how. We don’t give importance to enhance their thinking capability, which would equip them to face day to day problems.

Then comes the question of how to bring awareness? Who is responsible for bringing awareness?

After intense analysis and discussions with friends, family and teacher community. I realized that only schools can bring in such awareness as the students spend most of their childhood life in schools and parents get less time to interact, and not every parent has the knowledge or moment to teach their children about the importance of life skills.

But every teacher whom we believe to have the requisite knowledge and have direct access to students and no lesser their problems too.

Best example is Mr. Bhagwan a government school teacher from our state who won millions of heart on June 2018, just because of the fact that he took extra care for his students.


Choosing the educators play a very crucial role here. Let’s search for pearls like Mr. Bhagwan encourage teachers and volunteers who are interested in committing for bringing this wonderful thought a reality.

I would kindly request you to add mental health literacy at school levels to your election manifesto on the best interest of our state and its student population.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s future.

Let’s together join hands to make the coming generations Happier and Healthier. And it's time for us to take our education system to next level.

Note : Sir, Kindly have a look at my mental health literacy petition with 3000+ supporters.


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