To Revoke Kcr Position as Chief Minister of Telangana.

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The current Chief Minister of Telangana Shri.Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao popularly known as Kcr is spending public money lavishly for his personal agendas like recent gifts to Thirupathi of 5crore worth of gold jewelry. He gifts lands to popular personalities and he involve himself more in Hindu religious activities than on State progressive development. Telangana people's problems are unsolved in these 3 yrs. 

In view of great struggle Telangana people had gone through to achieve Telangana State, the responsibility of the person who chair the position is only to address the issues for what all these years Telangana has strived for. 

The election promises are not kept but problems and issues are still alive and there is no practical intellectual planning or work methodology towards the State issues. Farmer are still dying, agriculture in Telangana going through same fate, Handloom sector has not improved except some kind of formalities, irrigation projects became contractors money minting areas, welfare schemes as usual they too are a face showing agendas..

There is no white paper or progress Report of how much work is done in these 3yrs and how much left.

Inview of above all issues. We people of Telangana would like to Revoke Kcr as Cm of Telangana State. So that a more worthable candidate can take the position and serve people meaningfully.

Thank you and best regards,

People of Telangana