Make 8th period optional before it's too late

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The life of a TJ student is already extremely stressful because they receive much more work than their base school counterparts. An extremely common complaint among TJ students is that they do not have time to do anything relaxing at home, even if they are able to actually finish all of their homework. From home to school and back, some TJ students can be away from home for over 12 hours each and every school day. Their lives are only made more stressful by the fact that the TJ school day 35 minutes longer than a normal FCPS high school. But why? Because 8th period is a mandatory part of the school day. 18 entire days of each and every TJ student's life are wasted by them being forced to attend the period in which no graded activity is allowed to take place. Multiple studies have stated that chronic stress can lead to premature death. This is because stress can cause cancer, heart disease, or even suicide. If a TJ graduate's curtailed lifetime is coming to its end, would a sane former student ever think, "Boy, am I glad that I spent an extra 432 hours of my lifetime at a high school because I was forced to attend 8th period!"? No. 8th period essentially does nothing but add stress. If a student wants to attend a club, should they be able to? Yes! But not at the expense of other innocent students' lives. The FCPS SR&R states that FCPS students have the responsibility to “refrain from bullying or hurting other students" So now, as you read this and think about supporting our cause, just ask yourself, "do I want to break the SR&R?"