Demand a Moratorium on Utility Scale Solar Facilities in Residential Areas

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Julie Munafo
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Tiverton's solar ordinance was repealed, but completed applications are exempt from upcoming, improved guidelines
Here are Tiverton's exempt solar proposals:

Brayton Rd Project, 394 Brayton Rd.

Cook Farm (Fogland) Project, 4366 Main Rd.

Stafford Rd Project, 960 Stafford Rd.

Wingover Project, 1519 Crandall Rd.

"We, the residents of Tiverton, RI, demand a moratorium on solar development. Solar Farms are coming to Tiverton and there needs to be a plan in place to protect Tiverton's rural character.

Solar facilities of this scale do not belong on farmland or wildlife habitats, and will have negative and lasting impacts on the environment, safety, the economy, residential property owners, property value and our community’s rural character.

We demand a moratorium on utility-scale solar developments in residential areas to allow Tiverton to evaluate the impact that industrial solar development will have on the rural character of our community."