Free Higher Education for All

Free Higher Education for All

1 May 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Thabang Masienyane

The introduction of free Higher Education to deserving students was a great move from government but sadly it excludes children from many families, whose parents are taxpayers and contribute in making free education possible.

The excluded students are from households whose combined annual income is above the threshold set by government. 

Those earning above the set threshold are also called middle class citizens who, through, individual tax collections make other government social programme possible from which they benefit nothing. 

Following are social programme managed by government for the poor;

1. Child support grant

2. Old age pension

3. Free housing 

4. Free (higher) education

5. Indigent grant

6. Free health care, etc... 

The selective funding of higher education would in future disadvantage children from purportedly middle class families as their parents might fail to pay for their education due to rising cost of living and other costs including bank (home) loans, which in turn ease government expenditure on free housing allocation.

For just and equitable society education must be free for all! 

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Signatures: 67Next Goal: 100
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