Help us reach out, give light and fight depression on high school students

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Depression is no joke.

This straightforward inclination can prompt genuine cases like suicide. Majority of the students find high school really difficult. Due to peer pressure and a lot of other stuffs, they become emotionally unhealthy.

Depression is not just about sadness. It is more than that. It is about being numb and nostalgically sad at the same time without knowing when melancholia will hit you. It is about being constantly tired and not being able to go to sleep. It is like having a dying soul in a breathing body. It is not a weakness, you cannot just snap out of it. Depression is a horrible battle between a person and him or herself. It kills people. And it is a serious matter where people of all ages are susceptible of, with feelings of sadness, tearfulness, restlessness, anxiety and agitation that inhibit them from living a joyful life. Depression can happen at any age but often begins at adulthood. In fact, 1 out of 4 people were even discovered to have considered taking their own life. 

In Titan’s Lighthouse, we are planning on visiting schools to make them feel that they are not alone in their struggles. We are trying to raise awareness and reach out to the students to show them that there is support within the community.

The sad fact that this case is common these days and as an association of giving hope and light to one’s dim minutes, The Titan's Lighthouse's mission is to reach out to teenagers in 7th to 10th grade that they may develop friendship with people they trust wherein as a result, they will not socially isolate themselves and they will have someone to share their problems with. It is also our mission to support them in establishing a strong relationship with God, regardless of their religion, so that they will have a purpose-driven life. Lastly, we aim to help the young people to believe in themselves and not let their mistakes define them.

Life is a one-time opportunity. Every problem and temptation is always a chance to choose what is right.

Preserve humankind. Do not suffer in silence. Voice out. Fight the darkness.

We hope that people will support us in our project. And also, we hope that other organizations will help regarding about this issue.

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