Tired of Housing Bubbles, Job, Income and Opportunity Gridlocks? ACT Canadian Instead

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There are no housing bubbles in the Netherlands – and young people find good jobs, with guaranteed pensions and opportunity here easily; 28% of Economies internationally manage debt, trade balances and ensure Good Lives for their citizens too. Norway was a great example of a population that voted to intervene against unsustainable open-market and finance policies – and now everyone there enjoys twice the productivity (export-per-capita) than we Canadians. Japan – had two gun deaths last year. 

Vote for researched-policy only when we make decisions for economies & finance in Canada - and your vote is all it takes to reliably turn around 20+ years of Canadian collapse and absentee Strategic Planning - really. You might be fine, but I guarantee that you know family and friends in trouble - and a 44% voter turn-out rate confirms that you realize Liberals nor Conservatives are the answer as well.

Correct our collapsing economy, freedoms and opportunities, by making a vote possible for the ACT Party in Canada. Vote to be able to Vote for the laws and government policies and programs that restore Canada reliably. ACT Canadian by voting at ACTCanadian.com  

PS. If you got this letter but are not Canadian, the ACT concepts fix economies - so they are circulating in the US, Great Britain and internationally as well - see http://ACT-American.com ...